The Sartoris Family History
The Germans
1743 - 1989

This is a branch of the Sartoris Family that lives in Germany. They trace their roots back to 1743. If you recognize certain names, and think you could be related, send us a note ( The Sartoris Family) and we'll look into it.

The information used for this web site was provided by Bertram Sartoris.

Here's the tree as we know it. The asterisks link to the page dedicated to that family:

    Gerhard (b. 1743) *
      Johann (b. 1772) *
        Hubert (b. 1835) *
          Johann Josef (b. 1880) *
            Johann (b. 1904) *
              Hans Elmar (b. 1930) *
                Bertram (b. 1956) *
                  Alexander (b. 1989) *

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