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We don't yet know if we're related to Ulysses S. Grant, whose daughter, Nellie , married Lord Algernon Sartoris.

The Family Tree
  Our Branch of The Sartoris Family Tree from 1783 to 1988
The German Branch
  Family Tree of Alexander Sartoris, Luebeck/Germany
from 1743 to 1989
The Erie Branch
  Family Tree of John Arthur Sartoris, Erie PA
from 1944 to 2000
Global Outreach for Christ
  My brother's mission to the youth of the world
Woodridge High Class of '78
  Where I went to High School, years and years ago
Dragon's Nest
  Gimme 40 acres...
  My Brother and I Climb Kilimanjaro
Mom and Dad's 50th
  The slide show we presented at their surprise anniversary party (it was a huge success!)
Our Old Photo Gallery
  Old stuff - Debby is posting our latest to facebook
sartorial (sar-TOR-ee-uhl) adjective [From Late Latin sartor, tailor.]
Related to a tailor or tailored clothes.
sartorius (sar-TOR-ee-uhs) noun
a long narrow muscle in the leg, the longest muscle in humans. What would tailored clothes have in common with a muscle of the leg? Sartorius is so named since it is concerned with producing the cross-legged position of tailors at work.
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