The Sartoris Family History
1783 - 1988


In August of 1988 Barbara Sartoris (wife of Carlton Roy Sartoris III) and Mark Sartoris made a journey to Nova Scotia to research the Sartoris family history. This is an account of what we have discovered about our family history.

The research itself was very time consuming and sometimes frustrating. In our nine days in Nova Scotia we spent a total of approximately 90 hours each in the Public Archives.

In our endeavors at The Public Archives of Nova Scotia, located in Halifax, we discovered many considerations that must be taken into account when doing genealogical research.

1. Records in The Public Archives from the pre 1800's were few, as record keeping in those days was tedious. Try to imagine keeping records for an ever changing populace and influx of peoples from all over the world.

2. Spellings of the surname were various, which was not uncommon for the times. Please note that while spellings were various, our records, when compiled, placed our family at the areas of the Province where records were documented.

3. Dates of births and deaths also vary from census to census, birth records, baptisms, etc. This again, was not uncommon for the times.

4. Records for Pugwash, Nova Scotia in the very early 1800's in the Christ Anglican Church were destroyed by a fire, while others were destroyed by a later flood in the church.

From this we concluded that all dates listed will be based on documents from other church records, census records, and recorded cemetery stone inscriptions.


Before and during our work at the Archives, we called upon several members of our family and their spouses, specifically Margaret Sartoris Brown, Dorothy Sartoris Creed, and Robert Sartoris, Sr., without whose input this endeavor would have been much more difficult. Their memories of our past helped lay the foundation for our work.

In Early 1964, responding to a request for information about our family, Bob Sartoris, Sr. interviewed his father Canton Roy Sartoris, Sr. The information gathered from these two men has been the basis and reason for our ancestral research in Nova Scotia. From us, Uncle Bob, a Special Thank You !!

We also wish to thank our newly found family members in Nova Scotia -
Vivian Sartoris Anderson of Trenton, Nova Scotia,
Evelyn Sartoris Murphy of Walthom, Massachusets,
Lloyd Sartoris of Trenton, Nova Scotia,
Wylie Sartoris and Sandra of Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Prior to our trip to Nova Scotia, on a chance we contacted Vivian. After determining the family tie, Vivian offered to meet with us at the Public Archives in Halifax. Much to our surprise, as we were working, we were pleasantly interrupted by the appearance of seven new family members. After introductions, we set to the task of comparing notes and pictures. Capping a pleasant afternoon we had lunch in Halifax. We wish to extend a special thank you to all our newly found family members for an enjoyable afternoon and for also inviting us to stay with them during our time in Nova Scotia. Unfortunately, time did not permit us to make the trip to Trenton.

Of course, meeting our family in Nova Scotia would not have been possible without the input of Karl Robert Sartoris of Glastonbury, Connecticut. Upon our request, Karl Robert sent much information on his part of the family. Included with this information was a book entitled "The Amazing Sartoris New World Registry". From this, we were able to obtain, quite by chance, Vivian Sartoris Anderson's telephone number. Also included in the information sent by Karl Robert were several pictures and newspaper articles of great importance to the family. Thank you, Karl Robert, your assistance was greatly appreciated.

Research at the Public Archives, would have been difficult had it not been for Wendy Duff (head librarian) and the dedicated staff. They were always on hand to answer questions and offer suggestions.

While in Nova Scotia, we had the opportunity to visit Pugwash and meet a dear friend of Clara Sartoris, Miss Lila Demings. Lila shared with us her memories of the Sartoris family and some of the history of Pugwash in the early 1900's. Thank you to a very special lady.

Also in Pugwash we had the opportunity to meet Joyce Wills of the North Cumberland Historical Society. We were able to discuss with her our family history. Joyce was also very helpful in sending resource material before our trip.

Last but not least, a special thank you to Rhonda, Roy, Kelli and Carlton, for having faith in us in our travel out of the country, for putting up with mounds of paperwork, and for understanding how important all of this is.

And finally to all of you who have had the patience to read through these acknowledgments,
thank you,
and on to the history...

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